Problems With Goods

What happens if I'm not happy with something I have bought?

When you purchases goods a contract is created between you and the seller. So if you experience a problem with the goods you do have legal rights which may assist you.

The most useful of these is your statutory consumer rights provided by the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) which states that goods and goods supplied with a service must:

If you have bought goods that do not meet one or more of the above provisions, your statutory consumer rights will have been breached. As a result you may be entitled to compensation, to reject the goods and get a refund, to ask for a repair, replacement, a reduction in the purchase price or to rescind the contract and get a refund.

For more information about these rights, see the Goods fact sheet.

The Acts do not provide statutory consumer rights for all purchases or may only provide limited rights. For example, where, when and from whom you bought the goods or services will affect whether you will have statutory consumer rights for the purchase.

There are additional rights depending on circumstances as explained in the fact sheets below.

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